About Us

The Corporate Coach is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mr. Yogesh Kore and Mrs. Leena Kore have found "The Corporate Coach" by combining their various entrepreneurial experiences.

The Corporate Coach believes that leadership in any field is essential & hence have made the training modules that can help Individuals & Corporates to achieve leadership & get trained as many times as they want.

The Corporate Coach offers training to the corporates in the areas of Leadership, Communications, Presentations & Public Speaking, Sales Training, Customer Service, and Interpersonal Skills & Building High Performance Teams.

Benefits of Corporate Training (Management Films)

1) Video Based courses / Management films with professional narrators, actors & hosts.

2) Training films covering the important topics on

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Managers
  • Personal Management
  • General Management

3) High quality MP4 files for streaming.


Mr.Yogesh Kore:(MBA)

Mr. Yogesh Kore is a founder of the company Home Revise. He is an MBA by qualification from the renowned institute of Welingkars, Mumbai. He has more than 12 years of experience in the field of education. Mr. Yogesh has been a teacher of the English language at the English college, London for few years. In his trip to the land of the English language, he did a detailed comparative study between the Indian education system and that of the system prevalent in the United Kingdom. Finding serious flaws with the Indian system of education, Mr. Yogesh embarked upon a journey to understand the teaching pedagogy across different geographic locations. His journey to understand the different methods of teaching took him to distant lands such as Switzerland, Paris, London and the United states of America. He was trained at the Kumon institute, Japan in the art of educational instructing. Mr. Yogesh has also been interviewed on the widely watched Door Darshan channel on the topic of "New Definition of Education". He is a regular on the seminar circuit and conducts various training programs on multitudes of topics. He is a very sought-after speaker in forums related to education domain.

Yoges Kore Sir