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    Do you have a Self-Managing Company?
    however you define "Freedom" as an entreprenuer,
    your company can give you all you want and still flourish.
    how do you stack up?

    Mr.Yogesh Kore:(MBA)

    Mr. Yogesh Kore is a founder of the company Home Revise. He is an MBA by qualification from the renowned institute of Welingkars, Mumbai. He has more than 12 years of experience in the field of education. Mr. Yogesh has been a teacher of the English language at the English college, London for few years. In his trip to the land of the English language, he did a detailed comparative study between the Indian education system and that of the system prevalent in the United Kingdom. Finding serious flaws with the Indian system of education.

    What our customers are saying?

    You truly are one of the most generous and inspiring people i know. Your love and passion for helping people have a ripple effect far beyond anything you can imagine, you are a true testimony to always being a Student, Mentor, and Trusted legend. Your belief in me and support will forever have a lasting impact. Thank you for all do.

    Rajesh Kadam

    Focal point, The psychology of Achievement, Time Management and other teachings have transformed my life. They helped me to change careers and now I have written and published my first book. Your teaching on handling cries helped me to heal from a broken heart and business. your story on overcoming throat cancer has been very powerful and continues to encourage me in rough times. Thanks Mr. kore! You are a practical, wise and remarkable person.